Willow Baby Beginnings....

About Willow Baby

Willow Baby came from an interest in helping mums and dads to navigate the first few years of life with their new baby. This was especially important for me as I had no support or help when I had my baby (all those years ago) and it was desperately needed. Sometimes the 1st baby can be overwhelming simply because they're new, but then each baby is different and each new baby adds to the demands on parents, so all the help they can get is equally important.

This site offers information about baby's developmental stages and activities which can help both baby and you. This information comes for the set pages and via the blog which is more dynamic and offers the latest ideas.

There are recommended products to help with baby's development and to look after all the family.

But sometimes some of the best activities are free so I'll be recommending those as well!

For all new mums and dads, the best way to look after your family is to look after you. If you feel you need more help than this site offers, please contact your doctor to seek appropriate medical and counselling care.

About Me:)

My name is Wendy and I organise and manage the Willow Baby site. My background is as a primary school teacher but I have also worked in Early Childhood settings. I have recently trained in therapy methods using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (which I love) for children with Anxiety Disorders, I have a graduate certificate in Child Play Therapy from Deakin and I'm continuing on to do the Graduate Diploma. I'm also enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of Counselling (Child Youth and Family) at USQ with just one unit to go - yay!

Outside of study, I love bingeing shows particularly those which have an element of the mysterious like Outlander or which have a detective element like Unforgotten. But don't judge me - we all have our stuff.

I hope you benefit from my site - it has been put together with the best intentions to make early parenting much easier than I found it was.